The tour in Almaty and Almaty region.

Route duration: - 7 days \ 6 nights
The length of the tour: the automobile part is 1250 km, the pedestrian part is 30 km.
Transportation: comfortable tourist class bus.
Accommodation at the hotel to choose: not included in the program price.


Sample tour program

Day 1
  Arrival in Almaty, transfer from the airport to the hotel.
Hotel accommodation
Day 2


Gathering group at the entrance of the hotel. Acquaintance with the guide
Departure for a sightseeing tour of Almaty.Visit the Republic Square and the Central Museum.The ascent to the high mountain complex Medeo. Excursion
Arrival at the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. A tour of the park, inspection of the Cathedral, Walk of Fame, Museum of Musical Instruments.
Continuation of the excursion and ascent to the observation deck '' Kok-Tobe ''.
Descent from the observation deck on the funicular, transfer to the hotel.
Day 3


Gathering group at the entrance of the hotel.
Departure to the high mountain ethnographic village of the Huns.
Arriving at the base. Meeting guests according to national traditions - the rite of "Shashu".
Excursion around the base, acquaintance with the national yurt, carrying out the ceremonies "Atka otyrkyzyu".
Indicative game “Atpen audaraspak” and equestrian show “Djigitovka”.
Lunch, free time.
Master class on making products from felt or on making national flat cakes.
Free time (for an additional fee - horse riding, archery).
Departure to the hotel.
Arrival at the hotel, dinner, free time

Cost includes:
- Transfer airport - hotel - airport.
- Dinners.
- Accommodation in a spa center for 1 day
- Transport service throughout the tour, trips to excursions.
- All tours listed on the tour, including entrance fees, environmental fees and shows with birds of prey.
- Mineral water throughout the tour.
- Guide throughout the tour.

The cost does not include:
- Hotel accommodation (on request).
- Rent fishing rods and pay for caught fish in trout farms.
- Flights.
- Visa support to Kazakhstan.
- Medical costs and insurance.
- Optional excursions not included in the tour program.
- Personal expenses, such as excess or placement of baggage, laundry; telephone / telegraph / fax / e-mail.
- Alcoholic beverages.
- Minibar and other services in hotel rooms.
- Tips for personal services.

- The time indicated is approximate;
- The excursion program may vary depending on the wishes, change the place of visit and the duration of the excursion.

Description of places to visit by the program:
Due to its unique location framed in emerald-blue with snow-capped peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, Almaty is a true gem of Kazakhstan, and also an international tourist center. Here you have the opportunity to see the very flavor of multinational culture, to feel the atmosphere of hospitality and cordiality, which Kazakhstan is so famous for.
This program is quite rich, and includes a detailed examination of the main attractions of Almaty and Almaty region. Our journey will start from the high-mountain sports complex Medeo, which is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The complex is unique because it is the world's largest high-mountain complex for winter sports with the largest area of ​​an artificial ice field - 10.5 thousand square meters. In addition, 120 world records in speed skating were set here. After we visit the Chimbulak ski complex, which will surprise you with the majestic charm of the mountains, the park named after 28 Panfilov heroes, where is the Cathedral (1904-1907, architect - AP Zenkov), the Memorial of Glory (1975), the museum of folk musical instruments, which is an architectural monument of wooden construction.
The walk itself will be interesting not only for adults but also for children. She will allow to look at the city from a new side and will give the sea of ​​inexpressible impressions. Almaty and its environs are fraught with many secrets that are sure to be revealed in the tour.
Excursion to the canyon of the Charyn River (200 km from Almaty) will pass along the road to the “Valley of Castles”, through the Sogetinsky Valley, which lies between the Ketmen and Ulken-Bogetta mountain ranges. Tourists call this place one of the most exotic holiday destinations in our area, lovers of water rafting - a paradise for adventurers. This is a "lost world", which is impossible to pass by without glancing. Unknown forces as if opened time itself, revealing its very depths. The canyon is a unique monument of nature, where, under the influence of thousands years of weathering of sedimentary rocks, peculiar relief forms have formed - remnants in the form of isolated mountains, pillars, giant columns, towers, and chapels. The length of the canyon is 150 km, the “Valley of Castles” is more than 2 km, the depth is up to 200 meters.

The basis of the national character is hospitality - in Kazakh society it is considered a sacred duty. At all times, the steppe dwellers did everything possible to please the guest. Therefore, each traveler, going on the road, knew that he would be welcomed in every corner of the Kazakh land. In order to convey to our descendants the magnificent life of the Kazakh people, custom, culture, we will visit the high-mountainous ethnographic aul “Huns”. You are waited by the interesting, informative program and acquaintance with customs of the Kazakh people.
Turgen waterfalls are one of the most visited tourist sites in Almaty region, located in the most beautiful gorge in the Ile-Alatau National Park. There are 7 waterfalls in Turgen gorge. The most visited of them are: the first" Bear "and the second" Kairaksky ". The first waterfall (30 meters high) is located in a picturesque place among the overhanging rocks. The rocks in the gorge are broken by an earthquake and store the prints of plants from the preglacial period. 300 meters above the bridge, from which they usually go to the Bear Falls, is located “Beauty” spring with a delicious and cold spring water.
Almaty and its environs are fraught with many secrets that are sure to be revealed in the tour. The Big Almaty Lake is one of the most picturesque mountain lakes located in Zailiysky Ala Tau in the gorge of the Big Almatinka River at an altitude of 2510 meters above sea level. The lake is very beautiful, especially when its blue surface is absolutely calm and the sky and surrounding mountains are reflected in it. Above the lake there are three main peaks that can be seen from the northern end of the dam: the peak of the Soviets (4317 m) in the southeast, the peak of Ozerny (4110 m) in the south, up the river valley, the peak of Tourist (3954 m) - southwest of the lake. To the west of the Tourist peak is the crest of the Bolshoi Almaty peak, a pyramid of height 3,681 m, which is clearly visible from the city center. On the way back to the city, you can visit the Sunkar falcon nursery, where many birds are listed in the Red Book.

Great holiday and good weather!