Aksai Ravine



Distance by motor transport: 50 km by asphalt road

Walking part: 6 km.

Duration: 8 - 10 hours

Season for visits: May - November

Transport: comfortable tour-class vehicles.



Price includes:

Transportation and sightseeing services, ecology fees, water during the whole trip.

Price does not include:


Tourists should have: photo cameras, snacks, clothes appropriate for weather conditions.

Trip description.

In Aksai ravin, on the territory of Ile-Alatau National Park, in 20 km on the West from Almaty,

At the slope of Kyzyl-Zhar (Red bluff) ravine there is a monastery – orthodox spiritual center,

Church with a set of houses of worship. Its basis – funeral wooden crucifix and stone (rocky)

Footing with a cut inscription: "Hieromonks Seraphim and Pheognost, martyrly perished on 29 VII - 11 VIII 1921". Higher up the slope – the so called chapel canopy, alongside it – a wide yard with utility buildingd, refectory and a modern two-storey cottage – house of the priest; further – furnished well springs, water of those is deemed to be sacred; on the slope there are several half-filled caves that were the origin of  the priory.

Surroundings of the monastery, as well as all the Aksai ravine, are very picturesque. Here as well as during other trips, tourists will get acquainted with flora and fauna of Zailiyskiy Alatau. Besides the monastery, Aksai ravine is interesting for one more natural site – Ak-zhar (White steep) slump. These are the tracks of a catastrophic earthquake of 1887, when in the adjacent ravine – in the right affluent of Aksai river, a terrific rock fall happened that uncovered part of a steep northern slope. Volume of loose rock, by calculation of scientists, was more than 40 million cubic meters! Small part of it is seen from the road along the ravine.


Preliminary Trip Plan


08:30Meeting and muster of excursionists. Acquaintance with the guide.

09:00Departure, travel information for tourists during the way.

10:30Arrival to Aksai ravine, upper forestry post.

16:30Monastery, excursion, leisure time. 

18:00Departure to Almaty



Enjoy your rest and good weather!




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Aksai Ravine
Aksai Ravine

Aksai Ravine
Aksai Ravine
Aksai Ravine


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